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The tale of two shops...

jenni redstone

So we are back again, after a few weeks of prepping, running around the studio and making sure everything was ready to roll at not just one location but two! We may have set ourselves a bit of a challenge having two pop up shops at the same time but hey, who doesn’t like a challenge!

We have opened up one pop up in the heart of Brighton, you can find us in the north lanes at Gallery 40. It’s a space we are familiar with and although we are only here until the 4th June we will be back for a whole month in August! Our second location also not new to us and a place we love to come back to.....Whitstable! Its all about the beach town vibes for the bank holiday! 

Our Brigthon shop

Our Brigthon shop

Although it’s been a mad rush we have loved the whole experience. Three things we've learnt…

  • You can never drink too much coffee
  • Sharing the work load with a trusty business partner is invaluable
  • Don’t stress the small stuff and enjoy the run up to opening, after all this is what it’s all about!
Our Whitstable shop

Our Whitstable shop

One last quick update, in both stores we have limited stock with some of our prints, one piece i’m really excited about is our Miami blouse which is bright modern and well….Miami vibes. It's a great mix of modern print cut in a classic shape. I hope you guys like it as much as we do!

Our Miami blouse- in-store now

Our Miami blouse- in-store now

We have some plans for our future stores so watch this space for some more updates on whats happening, latest promotions and offers. We have a loyalty scheme in the pipeline alongside an in-store competition which we will be rolling out this summer!

Hope to see you at one of our locations. 

Love life and create