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Celebrating 100 years of style inspiration

jenni redstone

Naming a brand has to be one of the hardest challenges!

It’s one thing coming up with the idea, finding the perfect creative partner, creating the first samples.....but finding a name that reflects everything we wanted our brand to be;

stylish, creative, unique, easy to wear and confident,

Michael and I throw names around for weeks but nothing felt right, then one afternoon, amongst the pattern making and designing and sewing we started talking about women that inspired us. Women that always seem to exude confidence, a great zest for life, the ones everyone wanted to be around. We started talking about our Grandmas. My Grandma Edith and Michael's Grandma Bridgette. These two incredible women seem to encompass everything we believed in and wanted to share in our brand.

Edy and Bridge was named!

We regularly look at styles that they wore, our new check collarless coat this season comes from a jacket my grandma Edith gave me, we have re-imagined it in many forms and it never loses its name as the Edy coat!



It seems fitting to be writing this on the eve of My Grandma ‘Ediths’ 100 birthday party.

My Grandma was born in the Bronx in 1918, she grew up in New York city during the depression and lived through hard times but her life changed when she moved to London during the war and married my Grandfather Charles a successful businessman. She was working for the American government and had treats that others were not privy to. People regularly would stop her on the street and comment on her shoes from New York and her chic style.

They worked hard but also enjoyed the high life in London, we pulled out a Christian Dior ball gown from the bottom of her cupboard a few years ago and marvelled at the construction of it.

To celebrate 100 years of this incredible lady we will be running our 100 campaign.......... celebrating 100 years of style inspiration! 


Style is influenced by many things so why not share some of those inspiring secrets we have discovered through Edy & other incredible women. 

Each week we will look at a different influences, from places, people, designers, art & lifestyle and of course discover advise tips on how to stay stylish from Edy! 

Until next week..

Love life and create.